Greek summers are associated with the big blue, breath taking sunsets and unforgettable memories with our loved ones. After Crete, Cyclades and Thessaloniki, in 2019 Coca-Cola honours two more areas of Greece, Athens and Dodecanese. Two new collectible bottles are brought in the Coca-Cola family, inviting us to visit all five destinations, and discover their secrets.

Athens, the capital city, with its rich cultural heritage, is ideal for summer walks drinking an ice-cold Coca-Cola the bottle of which has been “dressed” in scenes that are inextricably linked with the city. The Parthenon on top of the Acropolis rock, the changing of the guard of the Evzones outside the Hellenic Parliament House, the performances in the historic Herodion theatre, the walks around the fountain in Syntagma Square and the Kolokotronis statue are just few of the elements that make the city stand out.

Before setting sail for our islands, we must not forget to make a stop in Thessaloniki, the Lady of the North. For nothing compares to a summer bike ride on the new beach or to a stroll around the emblematic White Tower, the Rotunda and the tower of OTE, enjoying a local, classic koulouri bagel and an ice cold Coca-Cola.

We continue our journey by sailing to the cosmopolitan Cyclades. A glance brings in our memory colourful fishing boats, windmills on the horizon, houses adorned with bougainvilleas, donkeys, seagulls and endless walks in painted paved alleys.

From there, spontaneously we set sail for the island of Crete. A sip from the collectible Coca-Cola bottle of Crete is enough to tour the island with the company of some great figures of the Greek mythology, to “talk” with Theseus and Ariadne by the red columns of Knossos, to admire the Camarian vases that bear witness to the history of Minoan civilization, to fly high with Icarus ...

Our journey ends in the picturesque Dodecanese. It is to those islands that
 Coca-Cola has dedicated the most colourful bottle of this collection to take us on a journey in history and tradition. The famous art of the Kalymnian sponge divers, the castle of Rhodes and the capital cities of the islands, full of colour and life, are waiting to be explored.

Being a Visionary Sponsor of the international campaign for the promotion of Greek Tourism launched by Marketing Greece, “OH MY GREECE | UNLOCK THE FEELING“, Coca-Cola helps promote our country as a top tourist destination. Scan the QR code you will find on the bottles and find out more about the campaign travelling to Greece with the collectible bottles!